WSALC is conducting Distance Learning Training in conjunction with NBA Nick Vafiades.. We will be doing distance learning classes, using WebEx on basic steward information.

On March 9 we conducted a Distance Learning class on Discipline-part of the Grievance Writing curriculum, Trainer Dee Ann Johnstone concentrated on the Just Cause sub-questions in Article 16. We were very fortunate to have Regional Administrative Assistant Debbie Dixon in the class and she gave us helpful grievance points at the end of the session.

The next class is scheduled for April 15th, at 7pm. We will be finishing up the grievance writing modules. This module will be concerned with Management Block 18, Remedies, Additions and Corrections, and file management. We hope to have some review on Steward’s Position Papers and Additions and Corrections. We hope to wrap up the grievance writing class on that evening 

On May 20th we will be going over “non-compliance of grievance settlement”. This usually happens in three ways: Upper management does not like settlement, new postmaster does not like settlement, or current management finds they do not like settlement. So, they decide not to honor a signed grievance settlement. This class goes over the grievance that should be filed.

We are currently working on a number of classes. For the newer stewards, we are working on an Article 41 class. This class will be a familiarization of the various aspects included in the Letter Carrier Article. We base this class on our discussions with our newer students. We also are working on the following classes: Branch Elections, Past Practice, New Branch President, Running Meetings and Discipline, These classes are in various stages of development. 
We will keep posting class info and schedules in the State Newsletter and State website.

If you missed one of these classes and would like to take it, please let Bob know and we can set up a one-on-one session via Webex.

To attend each class, please e-mail President Brian Wiggins to participate and he can then send you the link to that particular class. We will send out the link the day before the training is to be taught. We will also close registration for each class the day before the training is to be taught. 
Our contact info is in the newsletter and on the website.

To participate, you will need a device that has a camera. Suggest a laptop or tower for screen size, but a phone will work. You will be able to ask questions as we go through the info, and if time allows, questions you may have on other topics. 





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